• Our Mission

    Beautify the living space of human life
    Through continuous innovation and quality of home furnishing products, Connaught creates an artistic home space, gives consumers a feeling of beauty, and makes the beautiful home space add comfort and fun to people's lives, thus stimulating people's positive attitude and rich creativity. .
  • corporate vision

    International home trendsetter
    Based on the research of global consumer demand, Connaught has led the international home trend by integrating global design resources to create home products that exceed consumer expectations.
  • Enterprise's goal

    Building a century-old enterprise, creating a first-class brand
    By continuously enhancing the core competitiveness of Conraden's creativity, we will maintain the long-term development of Conraden's foundation; through the design of fashion trends, the quality of excellence, and meticulous service, we will become the first-line brand in the international home furnishing industry.

Corporate values

By continuously creating value for consumers, we will establish values of innovation, integrity, and cooperation; and achieve a win-win situation for both companies and partners.
Consumers are God, and Conraden has always been consumer-centric, and through the constant creation of value for consumers, to achieve Conraden's corporate mission.
Innovation:Through continuous innovation to provide consumers with superior products and services (including design creativity, comfort, cost-effectiveness, delivery, pre-sales, mid- and post-services, etc.).
Integrity:Honest, true and innocent, telling the truth, doing practical things, and opposing hypocrisy; the basic connotation of the letter is also keeping promises, consistent words and deeds, honesty and not bullying; honesty is the must-have character of everyone in Conraden.
Cooperation:“People are in the heart, Taishan moves”, our partners (in the enterprise: the boss provides guidance services for the subordinates, so that each employee creates greater value; colleagues do not shirk, do not dispute, dare to take responsibility) The conviction of consumers to create value, mobilize the resources and talents of all people, unite and cooperate to achieve a win-win situation.

Enterprise spirit

Never stop developing
Conraden's wheels, like the wheels of the fortune, have no slogan to stop, only the horn of progress. "Never stop" is the step of Conraden's adaptation to the pulse of the times. "Never cease" is the oath of the creation of a new chapter in the Chinese furniture industry. Conraden is the entrepreneurial Conraden, just like the pioneering warriors open up the territory of Chinese fashion furniture brands.
"The never-ending development" condenses the spirit of Conneid, and writes Kang Nai Deng in an image and dynamic discourse to motivate employees. In the Chinese fashion furniture brand, with the spirit of countless Conradens who never slacken and forge ahead, we will be able to create a career that is admired by the world.